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Dear Parents,

We are experiencing a very hard time. I hope everybody stay safe. I read a lot of expert's articles and observe what the government is doing. I don't think the government can lead us to defeat the virus in a short time. It is not 100% the government's false. A lot of people don't follow the rules. On the other hand, experts are not sure how long the antibody can protect our body, a few months or whole life? So we have to get ready to fight with the covid-19 for long time.

Normally the virus can be wide spread from December to March. They can survive for long time in cold and humidity air, they can even stay alive in 28 days outside of our body. Now it is summer, the virus are dead very quickly after they leave our bodies. They lose their infectiousness quickly in 25ºc(77ºf) and up air. So, the amount of virus in the air is much less now than in winter time. If our body have contact with little amount of virus, our immunization system can take normal reaction to beat the virus and clear them and our body will have antibody to protect us. I think it is a good time for us to take steps to restore our normal living with a lot of protective procedures.

According to the guideline from the CDC and the above considerations, we decided to reopen our school July 6, 2020. We have the following guide lines when we open:
1. We will screen all of our staffs to make sure they don't have any symptom of Covid-19 infection and no contact with Covid-19 confirmed and/or suspected patient within two weeks. They need to be tested negative.
2. Please keep your child home if he/she has any symptom of Covid-19 infection like fever, coughing, tired, taste and smell lost, and/or have contact with Covid-19 confirmed and/or suspected patient within two weeks.
3. Our schools opening time will be changed to 7:30 am. When you drop off your child to our schools, we'll have a teacher behind at lease 6 feet of the gate. You can stop at the gate and have your child step in by him/her self. Please keep 6 feet distance from the other parents and children.
4. Our schools will be closed at 6:30 pm. When you arrive our parking lots for pick up your child, please stay in your car and give us a call. We'll send your child to the gate. When you see your child, then you can get off your car and pick up your child at the gate. Please keep 6 feet distance from the other parents and children.
5. Our schools had installed UV lights when we set up the schools and they are turned on automatically for two hours at every mid night to kill all germs in classrooms. We replaced all new UV light bulks at the end of March. Our teachers will clean all desks and chairs with disinfecting wipes or bleach several times every day. We keep the desks apart to reduce children's direct contact. The toys will be separated to each child and toys will be cleaned more frequently. We'll try our best to reduce the virus spreading.
6. When room temperature under 82ºf (27.8°c), we open windows, when it is up, we turn on air conditioners and the temperature to be set on 78ºf(25.5°c), open windows five minutes every one hour. We already replaced new filters.
7. Teachers are required to wear mask when working. Parents need to prepare mask for your child.
8. Students will be in a no more than ten people group.

According to the best of my knowledge and my experience of working with children for more than 20 years , I believe the covid-19 virus infection symptom can be reduced by Chinese herb in the early stage. I suggest every family keep some Chinese herb for cure flu at home. I have "ban nan gen", "gan cao" and "lian hua qing wen jiao nang" at home.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to email us. The email address is


Should you have any question, please feel free to call me at (626) 286-0266.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation! Look forward to meet you!

Belinda Xu




病毒通常在12月到3月最猖狂,因为天气湿冷,它们的存活时间很长,甚至达到28天。现在是夏天,天气燥热,病毒一离开人体,很快就死亡了,在25ºc(77°f)的室温,病毒很快丧失传染性,所以现在空气里的病毒含量比在冬天少很多。如果人体接触少量的病毒,身体免疫系统可以正常发挥作用,消灭病毒,从而我们的身体就获得抗体而免疫了。 我认为现在是时候在做好充分准备的前提下有序的恢复正常生活了。

1. 我们会确认所以的员工都没有新冠病毒感染症状,也没有在最近两周内新冠病毒感染病人或疑似病人的接触史。所有员工做病毒检测阴性,才能上班
2. 如果您的孩子有任何新冠病毒感染症状,比如喉咙痛,味觉或嗅觉消失,发烧,疲倦,咳嗽等或在最近两周内有新冠病毒感染病人或疑似病人的接触史,请您留他/她在家里。
3. 学校开门时间改为上午7:30。当您送孩子上学时,我们会有老师在铁门后至少六尺处迎接您的孩子,请您让孩子自己走进来。请与其他家长和孩子保留六尺距离。
4. 学校仍然在下午6:30关门,当您到了停车场后,请您打电话给我们,老师会带您的孩子到办公室,等您看见您的孩子时再下车,过来铁门外接孩子。
5. 学校从开张那天开始,就安装了紫外线灯,每个晚上自动开两小时消毒,三月底,我们更换了全新的紫外线灯管,老师们每天都会用消毒纸巾或漂白水擦几回桌椅,桌椅和床都会保持距离,避免小朋友直接接触,玩具也会分开给每个小朋友,老师会常常洗玩具,晒太阳,总之,我们会尽我们的努力减少病毒的传播。
6. 课室温度在82ºf (27.8°c)以下时,开窗通风,以上时,开空调,温度设在78ºf(25.5°c), 每隔一小时开窗通风5分钟。我们已经更换了全部的空气过滤网。
7. 老师工作时戴口罩
8. 小朋友会分成小组,每组不超过10人。


如果家长们有好的建议,欢迎电邮到 或致电 (626)286-0266