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Dear Parents,

We already reopened three weeks. Everything goes smooth. Children are happy and safe here. Children love to take our Chinese herbal tea because it is sweet. I understand parents’ feeling when looking at the case count number going up like rocket. According to the data from CDC, the total Covid-19 death case number of children 1-4 years old in United States was 9. In the same period and the same age group, the other pneumonia death case was 52. The influenza death case was 41. The total death was 9619. I strongly believe that the covid-19 death cases coming from the group of children whose parents refuse immunization shots for them. Do you remember that I shared the information about the MMR immunization shots have protection effect to children for about 15 years after they get the shots?

So, do you think it is necessary to lock your children at home now?Please send your children to school and have them go back to normal life. They need to have social life with their friends. They need to continue their academic activities. They need to have fun in school. We are ready to welcome all children to come back and enjoy their life in school.

Thank you for your consideration!


Belinda Xu



  我们已经重开三个星期了,一切都很顺利。小朋友在学校里很安全,很开心,他们也很喜欢喝我们的板蓝根和甘草茶,因为很甘甜。我明白家长们看到感染人数像火箭一样上升时的心情,但是美国疾病控制中心的数据显示,全美1-4岁儿童的感染新冠病毒死亡人数只有9人,同龄同时期其他肺炎的死亡人数是52,流感的死亡人数是41人,总死亡人数是1547. 我认为所有这些感染新冠肺炎死亡人都是家长拒绝给孩子打疫苗的。大家还记得我有分享过来自“自然”科学杂志的资料显示小朋友打的麻疹,腮腺炎,风疹疫苗对新冠肺炎有大概15年的保护作用吗?